In broad terms, my research is rooted in the intersection of LGBTQIA+ studies and dance studies. It is my goal to bring the stories of queer people to the stage in an effort to present work that thoughtfully and provokingly reflects the lives and experiences of the LGBTQIA+ community. Through this storytelling I seek to move beyond the tropes of queer characters historically seen in art and provide space for fully fleshed out characters that have depth and complexity. 

Technology and film are also important tools for me as a dance artist. In my work, I am striving to use these mediums as ways to create more immersive environments. I also believe technology can be used as an adaptive tool for both audience members and students. I am excited to continually explore new emerging technologies and how they might be used to create more equitable access and experience with dance. 

Currently, I am exploring how the genre of horror can be utilized in dance making. My fascination with fear, terror, and the macabre stems from my childhood obsession with death and horrific historical tragedies. I believe there is also a connection between the trauma experience of queer individuals and the psychological phenomena of horror. My objective is to figure out what horror looks like in dance performance. By investigating this idea I hope to discover more about my own attraction to horror as well as a broader understanding of phycological trauma in dancers and the LGBTQIA+ community. 

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